Types of Instagram Accounts

Acccluster deals with a variety of different types of Instagram accounts. Different kinds of accounts have a different prices as well as a buyer must know which account is best for his/her use. So, to make one’s understanding clear of the different types of Instagram accounts on our website we have come up with this blog.

Different types of Instagram accounts that we provide on our website are as follows:-

  1. PVA Instagram Accounts

PVA means Phone Verified Instagram Accounts. The meaning is clear with its name. In PVA Instagram accounts phone number is required to log in. The phone number basically verifies if the login is correct. However, a phone number is not mandatory it is only used for trust factors.

The USP of PVA Insta Accounts is that one can log in easily with just user name and password without much verification.

  1. Aged Instagram Accounts

As the name suggests Aged Instagram Accounts are aged or old Accounts. Aged Instagram Accounts are created by the users but aren’t used by them. So, they gradually become old and well-established. They can be 6 months old to 10 years old with a considerable amount of followers and engagement. The main benefit of using such accounts is that buyers can get instant results and promotions become easy. Acccluster deals with accounts as old as 13 years old.

  1. Instagram Accounts with Followers

Instagram Account with Followers means buyers can buy an Instagram account with as many followers as they want. Buyers can also select the niche and category of these followers. For example, a car page can buy an Instagram account with 1 million followers who are interested in four-wheelers.

  1. Softreg Instagram Accounts

Softreg Instagram Accounts are those Instagram accounts that are automatically registered using special tools. These accounts are also called autoreg.

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